Tips To Maintain Beautiful Curtains

Curtains are vital features of homes and interiors and they enhance the aesthetics and pleasing appearance of your homes. They truly lend beauty to your doors and windows and need regular cleaning and care to have that well-maintained and rich look. Hiring experts like Curtain Cleaning Brisbane services can hold the image of your home and interiors and also promote healthy indoor air.

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Curtains if allowed to collect dust sadly turn into ideal breeding grounds for dust mites, germs, and other allergy-triggering organisms giving rise to health issues. Curtain cleaners Brisbane specialists can offer excellent cleaning services using safe solutions restoring the look of your curtains and the hygienic environment of your home. While scheduling Professional curtain cleaning Brisbane experts ensure top maintenance of your curtains, nevertheless, there are handy tips by which you can keep your curtains looking beautiful at home. Read ahead to find out how you may maintain your curtains!

Minimizing exposure to sunlight

The colors of the curtains are vulnerable and can fade soon if kept overexposed to harsh sunlight. Light-shaded curtains reflect back the sunlight but darker ones absorb light and start fading. So draw back curtains during daylight hours to preserve their colors.

Remove pet hair and lint with a roller and brush

Curtain fabrics start attracting lint and pet hair for those houses with cats and dogs. These settle and stick to surfaces. They are not removed by dusting. So take a lint brush or roller and roll gently in one direction to remove lint and fur. By doing so, the chances of allergies are also reduced substantially. This is handy advice shared by a few Curtain Cleaning Brisbane service experts.

Removing surface dry dust

Curtains are magnets for air borne dry particles, dust, debris and pollen. Regular dusting by a vacuum cleaner, soft brush or cloth prevents these dry pollutants from building up and makes the curtains look clean and fresh.

Vacuuming to remove dust and dirt

Vacuum your curtains with brush attachment. Remove the dust and debris by moving vacuum from top and work your way to the bottom of curtain. This helps in preserving delicate fabric. Curtain cleaners Brisbane service experts also use vacuum to remove surface dust and pollutants before washing the curtains.

Shake the curtains outside to dislodge debris

For heavier curtains after you have taken them down from their rods, give a gentle shaking to loosen and dislodge debris and dirt.

Read instruction label and spot clean

Curtains that have spots or stains may be cleaned using a mild detergent. Always read the manufacturer’s label for safety of fabric. Also conduct a pre test in a small area of curtain to see if fabric reacts to cleaning solution or not. If it doesn’t react, proceed or else for heavy stains call Professional curtain cleaning Brisbane service specialists.

Machine washing curtains

If the label permits machine washing, proceed to do proceed to machine wash on a gentle spin using mild detergent using cold water.

Hand washing curtains

Rich or delicate fabrics like cotton, silk, or lace curtains are best hand-washed. Here too use a mild detergent and use your fingers lightly to agitate the material and wash in water that its normal temperature. Rinse thoroughly and never wring the fabric.

Drying the curtains

Dry naturally by placing them on a clothesline or laying flat on a clean area. Avoid drying under direct sun to avoid color fadeout. Avoid using dryers to dry them.

Ironing the curtains

When using iron use the setting in accordance with the fabric. Be careful about temperature settings as delicate fabrics risk being damaged from too much heat. Steam iron is ideal to smoothen out wrinkles.

Pelmet and curtain rod maintenance

Keep the rods and pelmets well dusted and cleaned so that they do not become dirty and make the whole appearance dull and ugly. Rods too have to be checked for rusting and need to be cleaned periodically and lubricated. Dusting pelmets and keep them clean is important to prevent dust and cob webs from accumulating

Check for wear and tear

Observe carefully the curtain lining and spot any wear and tear. Immediately mend the torn portion to prolong life of curtains and prevent further damage.

Curtains are integral part to your home interiors and they need care and attention to look beautiful. Calling professional cleaners increases their longevity and also saves you added cost of replacement. Another good idea is to have a few sets of curtains that may be periodically rotated after a few months which prevent ageing and fading of curtains. For very deep cleaning you would require steam cleaning which is entrusted best to professional curtain cleaners.