How to Clean Curtains and Windows?

Curtains are the most elegant part of your house, as they add beauty and colors while providing privacy. Unfortunately, these beautiful fabrics also remained ignored for a long time. Most homeowners miss out on their curtains during general cleaning of the house.

Blinds-Cleaning Brisbane

Don’t worry, trying curtain cleaning Brisbane, isn’t a difficult task. Here in this blog, we have mentioned a few easy-to-perform steps that can keep your curtains and windows clean for a long time.

So, let’s get started!

Dust Hard

The first and easiest thing you can do for your curtains is dust them. While cleaning your room, just hold the curtains and give them a good shake. Make sure to hold the curtains from the bottom and shake the middle part.

Wait for 10 minutes so the dust can settle on the floor. Later you can remove this dust using a vacuum cleaner. You can try shaking your curtains every alternate day.

Weekly Vacuuming

Weekly vacuuming is the key to maintaining a clean and allergen-free curtain. All you need to do is run your vacuum cleaner on the curtains from top to bottom covering every inch of the fabric.

Use an upholstery attachment with the vacuum cleaner for getting better results. Also, feel free to use a table or a ladder so you can climb up to the top and clean your curtains effectively.

Don’t Forget About the Window

If your windows are dirty, your curtains are bound to get dirty no matter how many times a week you vacuum them. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to your windows.

Use a microfiber cloth and run it on the window frames and grills if there are any. This way your curtains will accumulate less dirt than usual.

Steam Clean Your Curtains

If your curtains are heavy to take down, you should invest in a good steam cleaner. Moreover, you can steam clean your curtains as frequently as you want. This keeps your curtain fresh and clean for a long time.

Just add a few drops of liquid detergent to the steam cleaner and run it on the curtains. Make sure to maintain a distance of at least 6 inches so you don’t over-wet the fabrics.

You don’t need to get the curtains down and yet you can expect a great result. Feel free to try curtain steam cleaning once every month.

Treat Stains Immediately

Treating stains immediately is one way of keeping your curtains safe and clean for a long time. Stains and accidents are inevitable. No matter if there are toddlers, pets, or adults at your home frequent food spills, wine spills, and urine accidents can happen at any time.

However, you can save your curtains from these stains by acting quickly. Furthermore, leaving curtain stains for a long can increase your troubles. You just need to blot away the liquid using a dry towel or blotting paper.

Make a homemade formula using vinegar, liquid detergent, and water and apply it to the stains. Let the formula work its magic and check if the stains are gone.

Dry Curtains Properly

Next in the line is the curtain drying process. Many homeowners are just unaware of the right curtain drying method, as they prefer putting their curtains in a dryer and leaving them hanging in the sun.

You should avoid using a dryer for your curtains as the fabric can have shrinkage issues. Your curtains can become faded if dried in direct sunlight. Therefore, be cautious when it comes to curtain drying.

Hire Curtain Cleaners Brisbane

For better results and preservation of your curtains, it is important that you hire professional curtain cleaners Brisbane. The experts have better knowledge, tools, and techniques that are ideal for your curtain type.

Make sure you give your curtains a professional touch at least once a year. This adds a new shine to your curtains leaving them smelling fresh and hygienic!

Final Words

Now, you know how to clean and maintain your curtains and windows. Make sure to try these easy-to-do hacks at home and keep your valuable fabrics shining for a long time. Keep your family safe and healthy with the regular curtain cleaning Brisbane!