How To Clean Blinds Easily?

Like light switch plates, windowsills, and ceiling fan blades, it is possible that may also forget about cleaning your blinds and end up hiring a curtain cleaning Brisbane agency for overall cleaning.

Blinds-Cleaning Brisbane

Blinds get dirty over time and need proper maintenance from time to time. When we don’t give them proper care or cleaning, these beautiful window coverings harbor dust and grime. It not only ruins the appearance of your home but also causes severe health hazards.

Do not wait to call professional blinds cleaners Brisbane until you see clouds of dust every time you adjust your blinds; instead, try some easy and safe methods for blinds cleaning by yourself.

Things You Need To Clean The Blinds

● A microfiber cloth
● Clean sock
● Vacuum and upholstery attachment
● White vinegar

How to Clean Blinds?

The method you will use for blind cleaning largely depends on how dirty or dusty your blinds are in general. Here are some easy methods for effective blinds cleaning, although nothing can beat the work done by a professional curtain cleaning Brisbane team of experts.

Method 1:

● Start by closing the blinds and wipe them gently with a microfiber cloth; move from upward to downward blinds one by one. In the case of horizontal blinds, side-to-side wiping will be beneficial. It helps to hold the blind in such an order that it’s pulled out from the window.
● Adjust the blinds to open them and wipe them with a microfiber cloth. Then repeat the whole process by closing them the opposite way.

Method 2:
● Vacuum up dirt, dust, and debris with the help of your vacuum attachment.

Method 3:
● If you are unable to clean stuck-on dirt or stubborn stains, make a solution containing white vinegar and water in equal amount.
● Dip a clean sock into the cleaning solution and keep it there until it is not dripping wet.
● Cover your hand with the sock and use your fingers to run over each blind blade. Leave the blinds open to dry after cleaning them.

For deep cleaning, remove the blinds from the window and put them in a tub filled with a squeeze of dish soap and warm water. Soak them for at least one hour and later rinse them and hang them outside for drying. It is one of the easiest methods of deep cleaning blinds. But before using any of the methods, read the label you got with your blinds.


Q. How do I clean my blinds without taking them down?

A. You can follow this step-by-step safe and reliable method to clean blinds without taking them down: 1. Slip a clean sock and dip it in a solution made up of mixing white vinegar and water; 2. Swipe the sock over each slat for an easy, quick, and effective blinds cleaning. But it may not clean the blinds as well as professional blinds cleaning Brisbane team of experts.

Q. What is the easiest way to clean dirty blinds?

A. The easiest way to clean dirty blinds is by taking them off the window and placing them in a tub filled with hot water, a cup of baking soda, and a few generous squirts of dish soap. Leave the blinds soaking in the tub for at least an hour or two, and then rinse with warm water.

Q. How do professionals clean blinds?

A. Professionals clean blinds with a safe and eco-friendly solution, using the latest technology equipment to ensure your safety.

Q. How do you keep blinds dust-free?

A. To keep the blinds dust-free, one can wipe away any excess dust or dirt regularly. Although, it would be best to hire blinds cleaners Brisbane if the blinds are extremely dirty.