How Much Does Professional Curtain Cleaning Cost in 2024?

Curtain Cleaning Cost in 2024

Do you want to give a spa-life treatment to your curtains but are worried about the curtain cleaning cost? Worry not, this guide will help you give an idea of the current cost of various curtain cleaning services. Every curtain and its cleaning needs are different. Therefore, we have explained the factors affecting the cost and add-on charges. We hope you find it helpful. So, without much ado, let’s get started!

Factors Affecting Curtain Cleaning Cost

There is no all-size-fits-all strategy in curtain cleaning. Your curtain cleaning cost may differ than your friends or neighbors. This is because of these factors –

  1. Curtain Material: The type of fabric your curtains are made of impacts the cleaning method and cost. Delicate fabrics like silk may require special handling, which could increase the cleaning cost compared to more durable materials like polyester.
  2. Design and Hanging Style: Elaborate designs or intricate hanging styles may require more time and attention to clean properly, potentially driving up the cost of the cleaning service to accommodate for the extra care needed. The experts may charge extra for such curtains.
  3. Curtain Size: Larger curtains simply require more resources and effort to clean compared to smaller ones. As a result, the size of your curtains can directly influence the overall cost of the curtain cleaning service.
  4. Cleaning Treatment: Different cleaning treatments, such as dry cleaning or curtain steam cleaning Brisbane, come with varying costs. The professionals may use different machines, cleaning solutions and methods. These sources and labour may affect the cost.
  5. On-Site vs. Off-Site Cleaning: Opting for on-site cleaning for convenience may come with a higher price tag due to the additional resources required for mobile equipment and labor. Off-site cleaning, while potentially cheaper, involves the inconvenience of removing and reinstalling the curtains. However, some companies provide pick and drop services for your curtains too. In such cases, they may add these prices or keep it free.

Note – You should always have a brief discussion about all these factors before finalising a professional curtain steam cleaning  Brisbane or other services. Being transparent about the prices is a good quality to look for in a cleaning company.

Curtain Cleaning Cost in 2024Average Curtain Cleaning Cost for Various Types

Curtain Type Average Cleaning Cost
Linen $50 – $250
Cotton $70 – $120
Polyester $80 – $150
Silk $60 – $140
Lace $50 – $200
Velvet $70 – $150


Additional Cost to Consider While Hiring Professionals for Curtain Cleaning

  1. Curtain Repairs: If your curtains have any damage or need minor repairs, professionals may offer repair services for an additional cost. This could include mending tears, replacing hooks or rings, or fixing seams to ensure your curtains are in top condition.
  2. Window Cleaning: Often, professionals offer window cleaning services alongside curtain cleaning. If you opt to have your windows cleaned at the same time, it may incur an additional cost but can provide a comprehensive cleaning solution for your home.
  3. Sanitization and Deodorization Services: Some cleaning companies offer additional services like sanitizing curtains to remove bacteria or deodorizing them to eliminate odors. These services can enhance the freshness and cleanliness of your curtains but may come with an extra charge.
  4. Other Cleaning Needs: If you have other cleaning needs in your home, such as carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning, professionals may offer package deals or discounts for bundling services together. However, each additional service will likely incur its own separate cost.

We suggest you to consider these additional costs and get a final figure before moving forward. Some companies may inspect the curtain and offer a final price. That way, you will understand the issue and service charges.

The Bottom Line

The overall curtain cleaning cost also depends on the company you have hired. At Curtain Cleaning Brisbane, we offer affordable curtain cleaning services that start from just $50. We believe you should not compromise on your curtain’s cleanliness and overall hygiene due to financial issues. Everyone deserves to feel the warmth of a clean curtain. Call us now to get a free quote on call. Hurry up!