DIY Curtain Steam Cleaning Hacks

We invest a lot of care and money to choose curtains to our liking. Curtains are our valuable possessions, which we would like to preserve for a long time. When you don’t use proper care when cleaning your curtains, you risk damaging them.

Steam cleaning is one of the most eco-friendly and sustainable methods available to clean your curtain fabrics. It minimizes the effects on the surrounding environment and does not pollute the groundwater. Steam Cleaning also keeps the use of abrasive, toxic chemicals, and detergents to a minimum. It uses hot steam to remove dust and allergens from the curtain fabric and render it totally clean.

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curtain steam cleaning

Precautions to observe before you start the process of steam cleaning your curtains

  • Check the fabric care label. This will help you to ensure that the curtains can withstand steam cleaning. Some fabrics may be susceptible to heat and moisture and can get damaged.
  • Test a small patch. Test an inconspicuous area before you carry out wholesale steam cleaning of the entire curtain. This will help you to avoid damaging the fabric.
  • Vacuum first: vacuum the entire curtain using a vacuum cleaner fitted with a HEPA filter. This will help you remove the dirt, pollen, and mould spores on the curtain. Dusting the curtains also helps.
  • Invest in a good-quality steam cleaner. A good-quality steam cleaner is a good investment. Check online reviews and ensure that you buy a vacuum cleaner with all the appropriate attachments.
  • Always use the right attachment. Also, make sure that you use the appropriate attachment while cleaning different surfaces. Also, set the steam cleaner to the correct setting. You may note that excessive heat and moisture can damage the delicate curtain material.
  • Clean from top to bottom. Hold the steam cleaner at a distance to reduce the moisture impact. Clean from top to bottom of the curtains in sweeping strokes.
  • Move slowly. Make your passes over the curtain fabric slowly. This allows the steam to penetrate the fabric and lift all the dirt and grime from the curtains.
  • Spot clean the spots: Apply the appropriate stain removers to remove difficult or indelible stains on the curtain cloth. This makes your steam cleaning more effective.

Process of Steam Cleaning

As explained in the previous paragraph, steam cleaning is a chemical-free cleaning process that does not use detergents or cleaning agents.

  • Prepare the steam cleaner: follow the manufacturer’s instructions in preparing the steam cleaner. Fill it with water and heat it to high temperatures. You may also need to provide specific, customized cleaning solutions for some steam cleaners.
  • Hold the steam cleaner properly: Hold the steam cleaner at some distance from the curtain cloth. Move in slow, steady motion. Complete the entire surface of the curtain.
  • Use the appropriate attachment. This is necessary for detailing and cleaning thoroughly. You may need to do this, especially if there are stains.
  • Tackle stains with store-bought stain cleaners or with vinegar. Mix vinegar and water in equal parts. Apply this solution to the stain or spot. Leave it to rest for some time and remove it completely by using the steam cleaner.
  • Sanitizing and deodorizing the curtains: you can add a few drops of essential oils like lavender or eucalyptus to the steam cleaner before cleaning the curtains. This will make the curtains fresh and clean and also make them smell pleasant.
  • Dry the curtains thoroughly: After a DIY steam cleaning process, dry the curtains under direct sunlight or a ceiling fan. Keep the windows open to allow fresh air and ventilate the room while drying the curtains. Apart from making the curtains clean, it will also kill allergens and mould spores. If you reuse the curtains before they are completely dry, this will foster the growth of mould, and the wet curtains will also gather dust easily.
  • For heavily stained curtains, you may even need to repeat the steam cleaning process to make the curtains thoroughly clean.

Using a professional curtain steam cleaning process

Steam cleaning can be a difficult process as it uses hot steam to clean the fabrics. Also, in DIY cleaning, if you do not exercise proper care, you risk damaging the curtain fabrics. In such cases, it is better to call on professional curtain cleaners in Brisbane, like Professional Curtain Cleaning Brisbane, to deep-clean your curtains using steam cleaning.

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