Curtain cleaning techniques you must know

Curtains are frequently forgotten when it comes to household cleaning, either because we don’t know where to start or because it appears like a labor-intensive operation. However, the process of Curtain cleaning in Brisbane is similar to that of delicate clothing, just simpler.

But the most frequent query from curtain owners is, “Which kind of technique is best for my curtain?” Professional curtain cleaners in Brisbane are best suited to choose the technique because there are numerous methods for cleaning curtains. However, a deeper understanding of cleaning methods might be beneficial. We have put together a straightforward manual in this blog on how to wash, dry, and care for your curtains.

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Following the manufacturers’ guide:

Before we look at different curtain cleaning methods, let’s learn more about the manufacturers’ guide, which is the most crucial part of cleaning. This serves as a cheat sheet to guide you in choosing the right method, surfactant, and equipment to use during the cleaning process to get the best results. A label that reads “Manufacturers Guide” is typically sewn into the corner of your curtains. This page includes codes; for example, lace curtains have a code that indicates dry cleaning since they should not be washed because of the risk of damage.

Various curtain cleaning Brisbane techniques include:

Machine washing curtains

Not all drapes can be machine washed. Everything is determined by the type of cloth. It is best to read the care label because it will explain how to properly clean them. It is usually okay to wash cotton drapes on a “delicate” cycle in the washing machine. To prevent fraying in the washer, place sheer or lace sheers that may be machine washed inside a large delicates bag or pillowcase.

Curtain cleaning by hand

Hand washing is a better option if, for some reason, you can’t find the care label or you don’t want to wash your delicate curtains in the washing machine. You are in charge, so the likelihood of fabric damage is reduced. If you don’t have a sink big enough, it’s better to use the bathtub because the curtains are so big.

Dry Cleaning Curtains

If your curtains are intended for dry cleaning only, you should get them cleaned that way rather than by machine or hand washing. Curtains made of delicate materials like silk, chenille wool, velour, brocade, or velvet should be dry-cleaned. You can seek assistance from expert curtain cleaners in Brisbane to avoid the hassle of picking up and delivering your curtains to the dry cleaners.

Steam Cleaning

Utilizing a hand-held steam cleaner to clean your curtains is a practical solution that is secure for practically all fabric kinds. With this technique, you may steam your curtains without taking them down, which reduces the amount of work required. It is ideal for thick or heavy drapes made of natural fibers. Start at the top of the curtain, then use delicate vertical strokes to work your way down. Make sure the steamer is set to a delicate setting. And if you don’t have a steamer and still need a steam clean avail professional curtain cleaning in Brisbane.

Aspects that aid curtain care

Curtains drying

If the care label recommends against tumble-drying your curtains, line them up or hang them outside if the weather permits. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight to prevent bleaching, and if at all feasible, dry indoors. To avoid wrinkles and creases when tumble drying, use a low heat setting and take the curtains out just before they are entirely dry. The curtains can be ironed or pressed while still moist.

Curtain maintenance

To get rid of dust and odours, your curtains must be washed or deep cleaned at least twice a year. Use the soft brush attachment to vacuum your curtains once a week, along with cleaning your windows, sills, and curtain tracks, to keep them looking clean between cleanings.

Curtain cleaning frequency:

Availing professional curtain cleaning Brisbane for your curtains every three to six months should be adequate for the majority of homes. The frequency should be raised if someone in your home:

  • Has sensitivities
  • Smokes inside or close to entrances
  • Has anyone lately been sick with the flu or another contagious illness?
  • Have pets in the house

Giving your curtains the proper care will indirectly change your lifestyle and the atmosphere of your home because curtains establish the tone of your home. Make sure to get professional assistance when you need it and educate yourself thoroughly about a cleaning business before hiring them. The employees at Curtain Cleaning Brisbane are competent, affable, and qualified to efficiently repair your drab, stained curtains.