Drapes are decorative, expensive and useful part of any room. They also get dirty very easily. There are lots of factors for that, it can be because of the dirt and dust from outside your home or stain or sun damage.

Not just that, if you have kids, believe us, your drapes will also be used as towels by them. Kids wipe their hands with anything nearest to them. And if it’s your beloved curtains then so be it, they will wipe their hands on it. Because of all of these factors, you need regular drapes cleaning service in Munbilla after every few months if you want to maintain them fresh and clean.

Drapes Cleaning Service In Munbilla

We all know it’s a very cumbersome job to remove your drapes by yourself and then wash those large and heavy drapes all by yourself. And not just that any washing will do, you have to take proper care while washing them as per their label instructions. If they are lace or silk, it’s better to hand wash them with a mild detergent. If all of this is intimidating for you and you want an easy solution to get clean drapes in the end then hire drape cleaning service in Munbilla to do it for you! With just one call, you will have professionals come and remove your drapes and ta-dah! Sit back and relax and you will get your clean drapes delivered back to you! Isn’t it great?

Drapes Cleaning Service in Munbilla process

Our drapes cleaning processes are different for different drape fabrics but here is a general outline of how we do drape cleaning :-

We first check the type of drape that you have in the house. We then study the colour fastness, fabric, weaves and based on that we choose the cleaning method. Then we apply any of the required treatments :-

  • Stain Removal
  • Using HEPA (high-efficiency particulate filter) to remove particles
  • Eliminating fungus and mould using steam cleaning or ultraviolet light

We provide both offsite and onsite cleaning. For onsite cleaning, the process takes a few hours depending on the type of fabric and stains and for offsite cleaning, it will take at least one or 2 days. You can choose whichever service you want and we will make sure that your needs are fulfilled. Contact us for more information. We will happily help you!

What are some of the benefits of Drape Cleaning Services in Munbilla?

We are a professional drape cleaning service in Munbilla who make sure that you get clean and fresh draperies. No matter what fabric of drapes you have in your house or how dirty it is, we effectively clean it. Our team uses advanced products and specialized equipment especially for those extra tough stains which need to be removed without damaging the fabric. We understand which process will work on what curtain fabric and how much washing needs to be done to avoid damage but effectively clean stains. Our results are evident and your drapes will be as fresh and clean as new when we deliver them back to you. Our drapes cleaning in Munbilla have a large number of satisfied clients who are proof of our quality drape cleaning services.

If you try and clean these drapes at home, you won’t be able to get the professional results that we can give you. And if you don’t do it right, you may even damage your drapes. So leave this task to us, call us and relax!

Drapes Cleaning services FAQ

Q: How often should I clean my curtains?

A: The frequency of cleaning your curtains is generally dependent on your facility. The rough schedule which should ideally be followed is:-

homes (sensitive to dust), hotels, hospitals, restaurants should get their drapes cleaned yearly and theatres & schools can get their blinds cleaned every 5 years.

Q: Why should I clean my drapes?

A: Your curtains do a lot for you. They just don’t hang there and look pretty but also shield you from all the unwanted dust, allergens due to constant airflow which might create a haven for mites, grime, moulds etc. Embedded dirt and moisture creates a thick layer of resistant rock. Depending on their location, there may be food stains, oil smells and cigarette smoke. Regular drapes cleaning service is super important for improved life span and appearance of your curtains and to make sure that they keep shielding you and decorating your homes for years.

Q: How do I remove allergens from my drapes? How do clean drapes & curtains improve my indoor air quality?

A: Drapes absorb all kinds of dust, allergens, pollutants etc .regular cleaning ensure All Drapes, Curtains and Blinds are filters absorbing airborne pollutants, dust and allergens due to constant airflow. Drapery cleaning removes dust & allergens and can have an immediate impact on improving air quality.

Q: How do I clean silk drapes?

A: It is advisable to only vacuum them to remove their surface dust. Avoid washing or dry cleaning them as it may damage them permanently. Take special care to only use professionals cleaning services which may use inbuilt specialised cleaning equipment for delicate silks.

Q: How do you flameproof a drape or curtain?

A: To make your curtains flameproof, you may apply flame retardant. It should be applied evenly on drapes while curtains are hanging to ensure even distribution of the Product. Make sure the curtains are clean before spraying a flameproof substance on curtains as dirty ones may not take the product.

Q: How do I maintain my curtains after getting them professionally cleaned?

A: Here are a few simple tricks which you can follow: to keep drapes clean for longer-

  • Dust or vacuum them regularly.
  • You can steam them too if it’s safe to do depending on the label instructions.
  • Ensure plenty of air circulation is there in the room to reduce mould and condensation.

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